🧑‍💻 Summer Community App Challenge

Hi Dash Enthusiasts,

We know people love building Dash apps. We also know people strive to make this world a better place. So we thought, why not combine the two and make an exciting community app-building challenge?!

Plotly would like to challenge the community to build a Dash app that will support people working at animal shelters in understanding their data better and allow for higher rates of animal adoption.

This data set was provided to Kaggle by the Austin Animal Center, the largest no-kill animal shelter in the United States. The data set contains statistics and outcomes of cats entering the Austin Animal Shelter system.

To enter the Community Challenge, please download the dataset, create an app, and share it by replying to this Forum topic. The goal is to raise awareness around the data and predict methods to increase adoption rates. The winners will be highlighted in the next Dash Club Dispatch and will receive a package of this season’s Plotly swag.

Submissions of apps will close on July 31 at midnight.

Thank you all,


@adamschroeder I’m assuming when you say share it by replying to the forum it should not just be a github repo that needs to be downloaded and ran locally? Do you want this running on a site like pythonanywhere or is it ok if it is not hosted?

hi @johnkangw
The submission should include, at least, open source code of the app on a github repo (or equivalent platform).
It would be cool to have the app live with a link (heroku, pythonanywhere, etc.) that everybody can check out. But that is not mandatory and will not affect the submission process. But if you could add a gif of the app, that would be great.

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This is my design - https://shelter-dash-6061.herokuapp.com/


Thanks for sharing, @Sachin-6061 . Very good data exploration you’re providing with this app. I added a gif of your app as well.



Thank you.

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I’m awake for 40 hours to complete my project. And I realized it now, the Deadline was updated couple of days ago :smiley:
Ok then, I’ll upgrade some of the things :smiley:

Thank you for putting time into this app, @bilallozdemir :pray:
But please get some sleep. No one should be awake 40 hours :yawning_face:


I completed my dashboard. Here is a gif about it and github url:
github ur

Actually I wanted to add an additional page for ML powered prediction. But I couldn’t build a ml model with good accuracy. So I have only dataviz :smiley:
In last page you can search an animal records by name or animal_id. And actually it is not necessary but if you want you can add a new record manually. (I added this page bc we don’t use dash only for basic dataviz tasks.)

I hope you like it, if anyone wants we can set a session to detailly review coding part of the project!


Hi man! Love the project, great job!


Very nice app, Bilal (@bilallozdemir),
Thank you for sharing with us.

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Hey guys! here is the interactive dashboard I have been working on!
it’s still a work in progress but I am happy to call it version 1.0!


It’s the first time I have shared one of my apps and deployed my app to the air which was a fun challenge.

I put a lot of time into making the callbacks as generic as possible, making the folder structure easy to understand, and overall creating reusable components I plan on making the app better and better I will post updates!

The Github repository:


Here is my app submission for the Summer Challenge.


The app has six pages (including home-page) and
it may take a few moments for some of the charts to be displayed!

Github repository: GitHub - coding-with-deepa-shalini/austin-animal-shelter


@deepa-shalini Wecome to the dash community!

Love your landing page :smiley:


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Very nice app, @Matan . Thank you for submitting and for making the folder structure easy to understand.

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:wave: Welcome to the community, Deepa (@deepa-shalini ),
Thank you for sharing your cool app with us as well as the code.

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Hello Community! :grinning:

It was super fun working on this summer challenge along with @jhupiterz !

Here’s a gif of the app:
AAC_challenge (1)

GitHub Repository: GitHub - Joannaakl27/AAC_challenge

We enriched the dataset with the shelter’s intake data that we grabbed from the AAC’s public API which we used to build an interactive map that gives more insight on the distribution and concentration of intake animals. We also used intake information to predict whether an animal is likely to be adopted or not.

We aim to continue improving our application by further including other animals and by grabbing live data directly from the AAC’s public API to make the app more useful for the shelter.

Cheers! :beers:


A late and crude entry, but hopefully a good start to my attempt of making more polished apps!

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Hi, all.

Hope you are all doing well. There was a lot more I would have liked to do but this is what I was able to come up with in ~2 weeks :smile: Had a lot of fun doing this and plan to continue iterating and improving.

Here is the link to my app on heroku. Here is the GitHub Repo, and below you can find the GIF version.



hi @LyndonF
:wave: welcome to the community and thanks for submitting your app to the summer challenge. Here are a few images I took from your app.

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