Share Your App - Explore Page - June 2023

Thank you for your interest in submitting your Dash app to the Plotly Explore Page platform, visited by thousands of Dash users daily.

Current submissions cycle will run from May 12 to July 1, 2023.

To submit your app, please reply to this thread directly.

Please refer to the following suggestions when submitting your app:

  • Apps in the following categories are encouraged: Energy & Utilities, Business, Predictive Analytics & Forecasting, NLP, Connecting to APIs
  • App should look as good or better than the current apps on the platform
  • App should use different data than the other apps and try to cover a unique story
  • Content/story should be neutral or positive
  • App with live data that updates itself is encouraged
  • App that goes beyond exploratory analysis – app that perform advanced analytics
  • App that uses 3rd-party libraries (e.g., SciPy, spaCy, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn)
  • App that solves real-life problems, app that could have practical use cases
  • App content and results should be easy to access (we discourage requiring log-ins or uploading data as a precursor to seeing the full app).

The Plotly Explore Page team will review the apps submitted the first week of July and update this post with the names of the apps that have been selected.

Happy Dash app building!

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Hey there,
I am a biologist and made this app (, where the viewer can explore catch and bycatch by quantity and species in North Icelandic lumpfish gillnet fisheries. The app is based on a study conducted in collaboration with Icelandic fishermen.

I believe the app conforms with points nr. 2 (looks as good or better), 3 (tells a new story), 4 (content is relatively neutral, at least the industry is transparent and working to improve), 8 (solves the real-life problem of clearly communicating major findings back to the fishermen).

But also, this simple biology app will hopefully inspire other biologists to explore interactive data visualisation. I think biology is generally an underrepresented topic on the plotly explore page. When I was searching for inspiration before creating this app, I at least found very few examples.

All my best,
Herdís Steinsdóttir

hi @herdiss
:wave: welcome to the community

Thank you for building and sharing this app. It definitely tells a new story.
When we chose Birds, and then select a boat, is the bottom left graph showing us how many birds that boat caught?

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Hi Adam,

The top graph shows the cumulative number of birds (or lumpfish or mammals) caught by each boat (color coded). Lumpfish is the target species.
And if you select a boat in the lower drop-down menu, the left graph shows the number of birds of each species caught by that boat, and the right graph shows the same for mammals.


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Hi @adamschroeder
Here you have a link to my app for Stock Analysis:

Just entering the stock Symbol you can have access to the stock information with data colored to quickly understand its strength and weakness.

Unfortunately is too slow, then be sure each time you select a new stock to verify that the information is updated.

Please provide feed back for any issue or suggestion.

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awesome app. Thanks for sharing, @Eduardo :tada:

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Thank you both, @Eduardo and @herdiss for the apps your submitted. You should see your apps added to the Plotly Explore Page early next week :tada:

Thanks to your apps, we now have a richer pool of apps in the finance section as well as the Bioinformatics & Life Sciences section :pray: