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Thank you for your interest in submitting your Dash app to the Plotly Explore Page platform, visited by thousands of Dash users daily.

Current submissions cycle will run from July 1 to July 31, 2023.

To submit your app, please reply to this thread directly.

Please refer to the following suggestions when building and submitting your app:

  • Apps in the following categories are encouraged: Energy & Utilities, Business, Predictive Analytics & Forecasting, NLP, Connecting to APIs
  • App should look as good or better than the current apps on the platform
  • App should use different data than the other apps and try to cover a unique story
  • Content/story should be neutral or positive
  • App with live data that updates itself is encouraged
  • App that goes beyond exploratory analysis – app that perform advanced analytics
  • App that uses 3rd-party libraries (e.g., SciPy, spaCy, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn)
  • App that solves real-life problems, app that could have practical use cases
  • App content and results should be easy to access (we discourage requiring log-ins or uploading data as a precursor to seeing the full app).

The Plotly Example Apps team will review the apps submitted and update this post with the names of the apps that have been selected.

Happy Dash app building!


Category: Geospatial
Name: Earthquake Data Visualization Dashboard
link to the website
link to the github

This webapp allows users to observe and delve into more than 8000+ significant earthquakes (with a magnitude of 6 or higher) recorded from January 1st, 1960, until July 16th, 2023. Data received from US Geological Survey website.
link to the post in LinkedIn
I posted this webapp to the Python Developers Group in LinkedIn and got 25K+ views, and 200+ likes. People consider this webapp to be interesting. In just 2 days the website was visited by 84 users and and event count at the moment of writing this reply was 446. Please check out the website by following a link. Thank you!


This a beautiful app. Thanks for sharing, @adiletbaimyrza
Great colors and easy to navigate. And I personally love interacting with earthquake data :slight_smile:

On your LinkedIn post, do you mind tagging #plotly?

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Hi @adiletbaimyrza!

I agree with @adamschroeder, nice app, nice color selection!

If you are planning to continue to work on your app I would love to see some cross filtering:

Make the Top magnitude types, Top contributors and Earthquakes distribution by magnitude interactive and filter the datapoints shown on the map accordingly. :raised_hands:


Hey, thank you so much! Yeah, sure I am going to tag plotly :slight_smile:

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Category: Life Sciences
Name: Multi-tissue proteomics of satellite DNA-binding proteins
Web app

Work in progress. The goal is to make large biological datasets more accessible to the larger scientific community. This webapp allows users to explore and analyze a recent proteomics dataset that identified protein interactors for 3 Drosophila DNA binding proteins across multiple tissues.

  • Can generate a protein-protein interaction network based on user input via integration with STRING-db API
  • Interactive volcano plots for different proteins/tissues. Clicking on any of the points will link to the UniProt page for that protein. Users can also look up any specific protein of interest and visualize it on the volcano plot.
    Thank you!
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wow, really nice app, @ansintsova . Thank you for submitting it.
:wave: welcome to the community.

I keep getting the error “Too many genes selected”, when I click the Generate Protein Interaction… button. Do you know how I could get rid of that error?

Thank you! I’ve set a limit of 500 proteins for protein-protein network, as it gets pretty messy with more. The idea is to filter the data table for interesting proteins ( for example set a filter of LFC > 2 and pval < 0.01) and then look at the interaction network of these proteins.

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And as I just realized, I can’t do on Heroku, so links are not working right now. As I said work in progress. :sweat_smile:

Thank you @ansintsova for working on this. When you’re done, let me know.

Category: Geospatial, utilities
Name: Water Quality Indexing dashboard
Link to webapp
YouTube link for extra context (skip to 5 minutes for better audio)

Will add link to git after I get clearance to publish some of the raw data to the public

This app visualizes multiple use water quality data on a watershed scale. Currently visualizing physical parameters and water type tenary diagram for a watershed in northern Malawi Rumphi district but will be taking uploads from sites across the world.

Work in progress as well but thought I would still share the early version for a sneak peak.

Roadmap in order of priorities:

  1. Adding standards page to visualize quality thresholds below or above which water quality is expected for each use.

  2. Index parammeter selection for aggregating to overall water quality index.

  3. Sensor integration and notifications system for updates to decision makers

This is a beautiful app, @Chimango . With a little more enhancements and ensuring that all the tabs and buttons work, we will highly consider adding it to our Plotly Explore Apps page :+1:

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Congratulations to @ansintsova and @adiletbaimyrza :raised_hands:

We’ve decided to include your beautiful apps in our Plotly Explore Page.

They should be up and running later today.

Thank you for building and sharing your apps with us.