Summer Challenge Winners

Thank you for helping our animals by submitting your apps to the Plotly Summer App-Building Challenge. Not only are your apps beautiful, they also allow animal shelters to better understand the shelter activity and likelihood of animal adoption. This could affect the way shelters operate: the hiring of staff, the launch of adoption campaigns, shelter staffing hours, and much more. Thank you for making a difference! We’ve shared your apps with the Austin Animal Shelter, and we’re excited to hear their feedback.

A large team of Plotly staff came together, studied each app, and voted for the top three app winners.

:drum:Drum roll :drum:… And the winners are:

:1st_place_medal: Animal Shelter Dash App, created by Michael M., with the following code.

Michael’s app took first place for going above and beyond with the Lost and Found page, very nice user interface and presentation, and an impressive predictor tool to estimate the length of care an incoming animal is likely to need. Also, the details in the About page show how thoughtful Michael was in giving context to potential users of the app.



:2nd_place_medal: Animal Shelter Dash App, created by Deepa S., with the following code.

Deepa’s app was the runner app because the cat-box-surprise lottie won our hearts. Joking aside, the app’s well organized sidebar makes it easy to navigate through the app pages; a comprehensive usage of graphs make for a thorough data exploration experience, with an original use of the scatter plot and a nice use of the sunburst to drill down into the data. In addition, we loved the persistent selection of component values from start to finish across the categories and pages.

:3rd_place_medal: Animal Shelter Dash App, created by Matan M., with this code.

:3rd_place_medal: Animal Shelter Dash App, created by Joanna & Julie, with this code.

Tied for third place, Matan’s app is a one-page page, yet it has a thoughtful layout and style, and it is intuitive. It is obvious that Matan took the time to customize every design feature of the app.

Julie and Joanna’s app is no less impressive, with an informative documentation page, a good use of the scatter mapbox for lost animals, a straightforward landing page that puts the end user experience at the forefront, and a useful prediction tool that uses the Gradient Boosting Classifier.

We would like to reiterate our appreciation for the apps submitted by the other community members: app by Sachin, app by Bilal, and app by Lyndon.

Over the next couple of days, a Plotly staff member will reach out to the winning community members to share a package of this season’s Plotly swag, which includes our new perceptually uniform socks! Match your apps to your socks, or your socks to your apps, with px.scatter(continuous_color_scale=“Viridis”).



Great stuff! Congrats to all participants and obviously the winners!

A big thank you to the Plotly staff for taking the time to review the apps :grinning:
Huge congrats to @msmcmanus for their winning app :tada:
Hopefully the submissions will help the Austin Animal Center as well as other shelters :crossed_fingers:


Thank you so much to all of pthe lotly staff for taking the time :star_struck:! it was la ot of fun to make the app and I am yet to finish it! iIwill upload a newer version hopefully soon! and of course, continue to participate in the upcoming challenges!
congratz to all the winners! :smile:

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Many thanks for the recognition and congratulations to all the participants!
Eagerly awaiting the next challenge! :heart_eyes:

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