I've added Oceans to the Globe on Dash Deck Explorer!

Hi all, I’ve added some custom Ocean geojson polygons to the Dash Deck Explorer GLOBE to make it look more like the planet! I’ve also improved colouring of the power stations (now by all fuel types), and hover tips. I can’t tell you how much pain it took to clean and transform the Natural Earth ocean polygons to get it to work.

Open pull request now. Welcome try out my forked branch here. Hot :heart_eyes: … or not? :sob:

Dash Deck Explorer (3)


Wow - Definitely Hot :heart_eyes: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Hi all cc @chriddyp

In addition to the globe tweaks, I’ve also updated the pull request to bring dash-deck-explorer up to Dash 2.0. I’m not sure if anyone is maintaining this repo anymore but just thought I’d flag it :slight_smile: