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Just finished my Dash project; this forum helped a lot, let me know if you're curious about anything I did/how I achieved it

Hi all,

Been about a solid 6 months of working with Dash, and a year of Plotly experience. I just recently finished my Dash application, in which I built a multi-page Dash App displaying National Park visitation data and other metrics tied to the National Parks. I hit a lot of roadblocks, and with the help of this forum, overcame them to get my desired result.

In light of that, I’m happy to help others in the same way, anyway I can, my app can be found at glacierpointdata.com and it leverages a lot of the components that Dash offers and if people are interested in how I got such and such to work, I can happily explain and post code snippets.

I’m still cleaning up the code (I developed best practices on the way so the earlier part is rough), so I haven’t made the underlying source code available yet.

Thanks everyone!


:heart_eyes: Beautiful application! Just sharing some screenshots for those that don’t click through. Congratulations on publishing your first app and I’m glad to hear that the community forum has been helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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