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Hello everyone!
I wanted to share the project I developed using Dash, Plotly and Flask.
It’s an Urban data visualisation platform that uses Mapbox map as an input to filter data in the Plotly dashboards.

Some of the motivations behind the project:

I am not a dev so any recommendations and suggestions would be highly appreciated!
Thank you!


Hi @Geometrein
Welcome to the community. And thank you for sharing this project with us. Was this built as part of your doctoral studies?

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Looks great. Well done!

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Wow - awesome project @Geometrein

For those just passing through - here’s a treat:

Peek 2022-02-10 15-30


DashMap is an open source web platform that gathers, analyses and visualizes urban data. It is free and can be used by everyone for anything. Some popular use cases include decision making, data journalism, relocation, urban planning, marketing, and real estate.


Open data should benefit everyone regardless of their background! However, open data is often provided in JSON format and accessed through convoluted API requests. This is great for machines but looking at this data will make your eyes bleed. DashMap handles the data for you allowing you to focus on the insights!


Hi @adamschroeder,
It’s not really related to my current research just a side project with data that was freely available.

P.S. Thanks for the great youtube content! The project would have been impossible without your videos :slight_smile:


@AnnMarieW Thanks for the help with presentation :slight_smile: !

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Love the Sauna Index. Is the functionality limited to your locale, e.g. Helsinki, for now at least? When I moved the map elsewhere it brings me back to that area. Made me curious about saunas elsewhere!


Impressive project @Geometrein :star_struck:
Great Medium article and also well documented code on the repo, can people add more cities to this project and will there be a helper doc for this?

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Hey @kmhurchla, thank you for your comment :slight_smile: Yes, for now only data for Helsinki is available but the plan is to expand to nordics first! The Urban data in Nordics is in very standardised so it should be fairly straight forward. The reasoning behind Dasmap being open source is exactly that the community can keep adding their own cities, instead of one person trying to tackle the whole world :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @atharvakatre. Thats exactly the plan. I would love to see people implement their own cities with dashmap! I will release a guide on how to do that!