Data files from GeoJSON, marker clustering, Choropleth map, etc. examples

First, many thanks for your amazing work on the Dash Leaflet!!! This is obviously extremely powerful and potentially extremely useful in many many ways (and apparently becoming more so by the day).

Second, I have a question as to where to get the data files – such as ‘us-state-capitals.json’, ‘us-states.pbf’, ‘leaflet_50k.pbf’, and ‘us-states.json’ – to help me replicate on my machine some of the functionality illustrated with code on (e.g., for ‘uscities.csv’ the link US Cities Database | in the code points to the file so I found that one but not others)? Thank you in advance for any pointers!

Thanks! You can download the files directly from Heroku, e.g.

Great – Thanks Emil!!!