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Sales dashboards, tutorials and my contribution to the Dash community (Show And Tell)

I’d like to share my works with the community and help everyone that is starting to work with Dash with examples and tutorials.

I’ve been working with Dash for about 3 months and I get everyday more amazed with the capabilities of this tool.

Here are examples of dashboards I built:

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Very nice!! :100: It’s very cool to see all of the crossfiltering in action, especially with real data. Thanks for sharing!

For making the maps update smoother, you could try setting animate=True - there was a question about this here: Smoother Live Updates with scattermapbox?

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Hi Chris, so, due to the volume of links I was not able to put all my message in the post. In addition to that one I’m able to share the following:

Also, thanks a lot for the tip about making maps update smoother. It works pretty well and is so amazing!

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