Sharing my dash applications

Hi everyone,

I want to share the project I worked on using dash.

It’s an oilfield production surveillance dashboard:

I wrote a blog about it here

Also, while going through the dash gallery, I saw this

and I knew I was going to try to replicate it. So I collaborated with a former colleague to gather the data and work on something similar.

thanks to @jlfsjunior for his help and to every other person that answered my numerous questions,


HI @Oladayo
Thanks for sharing your apps. The one on oil wells that you built is a pretty good replica of the oil app in the Dash App Gallery. Good job.

I would just recommend moving the select-a-well dropdown next to the line chart in the lower right corner because it only updates that chart.

Thanks again for sharing.


thanks @adamschroeder for your feedback.

I will sure implement it.

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Very good, hope I’ll be able to reproduce this example in my application.

However, I have noticed that your app still didn’t generate the Individual Production of wells plots when the cursor moved over the satellite overview like the original example.

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hi @smail. thank you.

I actually did implement the hover around the wells in the map to update the individual production but it brought it own problem of duplicate outputs.

I couldn’t figure how to fix it yet reason I went with a dropdown instead.

I am sure you will be able to reproduce something like it.

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