Plotly Dash Interactive Mapping : Dash Leaflet & TiTiler

Hi All,

I thought i would post this as it may be interesting to some, I have written a Blog Post on the Python for Wind Resource Assessment and Metocean forum (PY_WRAM) & Medium.

The aim is to capture my learnings of late of playing with Dash, Dash Leaflet and a python package called TiTiler (which is a Tile Server). Combined these packages allow for the display and interaction of a large GeoTIFF. This stems from an article published by plotly ( 5 Awesome Tools to Power Your Geospatial Dash App | by plotly | Plotly | Jul, 2022 | Medium)

If this sounds interesting please have a read


Medium Link:

Plotly Dash Interactive Mapping : Dash Leaflet & TiTiler | by Mdavid | Sep, 2022 | Medium


@Mdavid800 Much appreciate the effort in writing up this article.

(Web) Geospatial/GIS is more than “dots on a map” (my previous gig was w an open-source geospatial tech company where used leaflet.js, geoserver, openlayers, postGIS, OGC protocols, etc. .

It’s its own specialization w it’s own vernacular and set of tooling, and comes w it’s own challenges when doing more sophisticated things → especially at scale.

PS → I’m curious though … What exactly were you “exploring” w the dataset? i.e. Why were you embarking on this effort in the first place? I can make a reasonable guess … :slight_smile:

Thanks @DaveG , yes it is indeed its own specialisation. I found it very hard to find straightforward guides to using a lot of the stuff you mentioned - but a lot of the tools are out there its just getting to grips with them.

Tbh this is just the cross roads of my job/ interest / hobby - Wind analysis, GIS & Python . However, the longer term aim will likely be to build this into a bigger app where the user can get more information about an area and we can understand what a wind farm will produce in energy terms quickly. I felt a modern web based map is important to have as a centre piece of any such app however.

:point_up: yes!!!
I would be very interested in this kind of app, @Mdavid800 and I think the community would benefit from it as well.