Using Leafmap library in Dash

I have used Dash Leaflet some, but saw the Leafmap lib ( for geospatial analysis and interactive mapping in a Jupyter environment) and wondered if anyone has tried using it within Dash?

Hi @bruzzy

Give dash-leaflet a try - it’s one of the most popular dash community libraries

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have used Dash Leaflet and I do like it. I just came across the Leafmap lib and it seemed compelling (at least for jupyter) because it seems to have abstracted away any javascript and has a large number of methods.

Oops, I missed that you were asking about a different package :see_no_evil:

Hey bruzzy,

Noticed this library a few weeks ago and also found it interesting, however i don’t understand the reasoning for your use case. For example, it sounds like you want to build a Jupyter notebook environment which runs dash while also running a library that wasn’t specifically designed for dash but was specifically designed for Jupyter.

You could run a block of code building your component within Jupyter then just create a new block of code and create a dash app from: Dash in Jupyter Environments | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly (keeping them separate)

But whats been built in can be built into dash-leaflet, just takes the time for you to code it.

Jupyter is also practically just a testing environment, not sure what your goals are but dash-leafet partnered with dash is very flexible. You could build it out custom to reach or exceed the level of functionality provided in What I would say doing is create two code blocks in Jupyter, when finished matching the designs and features your looking for move from Juypter to an actual application and publish it.

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Hi. Sorry, I was not very clear. I’m not interested in Jupyter but only in being able to use Leafmap components within a Dash app so was wondering if anyone had considered that, similar to this example of using Leafmap in Streamlit (


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I’ll experiment a little on this in my free time and see if i can figure anything out. Will get back to this form post if i find anything.

Thanks. It seems AI thinks the Leafmap components can be saved as html file in the assets folder, then used in an Iframe in a dash app, but I have not tried yet.