Proper way to include Leaflet plugins to dash-leaflet

Dear all,
I am trying to extend the current functionalities of dash-leaflet and add few more, like for example change the style of features already drawn with dl.EditControl, adding an dl.EasyButton which wnen clicked on the map to allow writing text labels (and if possible change later its font size/style), and lastly export the map with defined layout (map with some text positioned and legend of the opened layers). The app I am developing will be used from pupils to be able to make their own maps from provided data, but having an option to add their own labels, drawings and later export the map.

For these purposes several Leaflet JS plugins could be used, or some new JS scripts could be implemented.
I would appreciate a lot if you could support me in finding the right path to follow to implement already developed Leaflet plugin in dash-leaflet.

I wonder also if it is really possible to change the style of already drawn feature on dl.Map - there is no such plugin available in Leaflet - anyone with experience about this.

Thanx in advance for yor support

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