Dash Leaflet map selection box and interactive table

I am currently using Dash Leaflet to plot multiple polylines on a map. I would like to add the functionality to 1. be able to create a selection box that would highlight the polylines that are in the box, and 2. Have a table that I can access that has all the polylines, and be able to select polylines from there that would also highlight them on the map, and vice versa (clicking on polyline on map highlights it on the table). Regarding the latter, I referred to https://community.plotly.com/t/show-and-tell-dash-leaflet/34924/249?page=13, but this is for GeoJSONs, and I am working with multiple polylines. Is it possible/useful to put my polylines in a GeoJSON and just use the reference to do this, or is there another way that would work? Regarding the former, I see there is a way to do it with Plotly, but not necessarily Dash, but it seems like EditControl would be where to start.