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How to share a graph without showing the data?

I need to generate PNG graph and share it publicly without showing the actual data. The graph shows only the trend. Can I hide the Data tab when sharing public graph? All I need is an image.

Hi there,
Have you seen our tutorial on generating static images?


Thanks for this. I don’t want to serve images from my server. Using Jupyter Notebook is an option but a bit too much for what I want to do. Your service is really great. Please consider allowing to hide data tab and share only a graph.

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You have the option to append .png to the end of your plot urls (hosted) on Plotly to view the static image:

You also have the option to embed your graph and remove the edit chart link to avoid people going back to view the data:

If those options aren’t helpful, I may be unclear on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish, but it’s unlikely we would remove the data tab from the shareplot view.

Yes, this link ( is what I need. But the problem is that anyone having this link can then go to and see the data that was used to generate the graph.

I’d love the option where I can make public only PNG link or only EMBED link but not the graph’s “home page” (

I hope it makes sense

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Yes, you will be able to see the data that is displayed in the graph. We don’t have an option of hosting your image (publicly) but not the data displayed in the image.