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Using plotly without hosting data


I’m working on a project these days, in Python, using Django, requiring that I draw charts programmaticaly and embed these in another website. For this, Plotly seemed for me to be the best option at the beginning, I saw it had an API that looked wonderful and easy to use, with beautiful charts in output.

My main problem though is that I must ensure an absolute privacy of the data I’m using. And, in Python, using Plotly implies sending data to Plotly, let the web app draw the chart and make it public, and just then embed the chart through an iframe. That’s not exactly what I was looking for at first.

So I’m wondering : is it the only way to draw charts with plotly ? Is there any other way to draw charts locally and display these on my private web app ? I know I could do all of this just with D3.js, yet, Plotly offers easier tools to do what I need. If there are no other solutions I guess I’ll have to program everything by myself;

Thank you for reading.

should be exactly what you need.

Well I’ve already read that one, yet I’m not sure that I shall use offline mode. It looked like it could only display charts locally, but I need to display charts elsewhere.

Am I wrong ? Can I with that offline mode draw a chart and then add it to my website allowing anyone I gave access to that website to see the chart ?

Have you considered using the javascript library?