Plotly privacy policy


First off, I would like to say that I am extremely grateful for all the work you have done on creating this package. I have recommended it to many people in need of creating dashboards and will continue to do so.

I have been trying to find out whether Plotly collects information about the data used to produce the graphs when using the Plotly library. According to the privacy policy (, under “Automatically Collected" Information. info is collected. Moreover, according to, all plots generated are made public?

However, on this page : I find that the default setting is that the plots are generated without any calls to the server.

Does all this depend on the fact whether you have a Plotly account or not? I do not have an account, so I am curious how/where my plots can be viewed publicly in that case.

If any data is collected and/or shared, how can I prevent this from the sources? I have the latest open-source R package from GitHub.

The data I will use is confidential so I do not want to use plotly before I can make sure nothing will be shared publicly.

Thank you!

I share the same concern, except with the offline version of Plotly with IPython/Jupyter. Is there a way to disable the ability to export plots to the cloud altogether? I am currently using “show_link=False” when calling iplot, however that only disables the export link at the bottom-right of the plot, not the “save and edit plot in cloud” action in the upper-right hover control. In order for me to use Plotly, I would need it to never send anything to the cloud. If this isn’t currently possible, is there a way to request it to be added to future versions of Plotly? Thanks!

HI I am using the following code to modify the modbar in plotly.js

Plotly.newPlot(container, data, layout, {modeBarButtonsToRemove: ['sendDataToCloud','hoverCompareCartesian'
				,'autoScale2d', 'resetScale2d', 'hoverClosestCartesian']
				,displaylogo: false, showTips:false

You can do the same

For the original question about privacy, I dont have correct ans. However, I do not see any calls to Plotly server as of now.


Thank you Dilip, however that code appears to be for the Javascript version of Plotly only. I am using the offline version of Plotly for IPython/Jupyter which uses a different syntax. I do not see a way to pass these settings to Plotly via that interface, as it reports invalid syntax. Do you or anyone else on here know how to make this work specifically within the offline version of Plotly for IPython/Jupiter? I greatly appreciate the help.