📣 Sharing Graphs with Chart Studio

Here is a quick GIF tutorial on how to export a graph from a Dash app (or any application that has a plotly.js graph) into your online plotly account and then share it with a URL.

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Hi chriddyp,

Thanks for the great work. It’s been super easy to get a dashboard up and running! I have a concern though regarding the Chart studio aspect, and unfortunately I think this will prevent me from deploying my solution at work.

I feel like it presents a real security/data protection risk, unless I am incorrect? By using “Edit in Chart Studio” I inadvertently transferred my data to the Plotly website. To me this poses real risks with sensitive data such a medical, export controlled, all IP, GDPR, etc. Fortunately I was using dummy data as it was a hobby project, but I was intended to translate the project to a professional environment.

Is there a way to have this functionality removed, or get a prompt to warn the user that they risk sharing data?

Many thanks,

Yes, you can update the config argument in dcc.Graph. See Is it possible to hide the floating toolbar? - #15 by chriddyp