Dashboarding: Plotly Dash or Plotly Chart Studio

I’m trying to create a DASHBOARD for a company’s business insights that involves a lot of data wrangling and what not. This is the reason why I opted to use Plotly Dash and created a dashboard app for them from the data the app ingests.

However, I suddenly came across Plotly Chart Studio and at first glance, it looks like it can be very well used to create dashboards as well. In fact, I just saw how it can be used easily to suit the user’s preference in terms of layout of the graphs since some of the examples I’ve seen involved graphs that are draggable and re-arranged in the entire layout.

My QUESTION IS: Based on your experiences, which one is better for dashboard? What is the caveat of each that needs to be considered?

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I did a preliminary research but there’s none that explicitly compares the pros and cons for these two tools for dashboarding. :’(

hi @hquizzagan
That’s a good question. I would recommend you use Plotly Dash. You’re likely to get more community support on Dash than on Plotly Chart Studio. Getting graphs to be draggable in Dash is not as easy, but you have plenty of flexibility with the design of your app layout.

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Oh cool. Thanks for the recommendation! Yeah, I do indeed find a lot of resources for Dash but not so much for Chart Studio.

Thank you!