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Plotly for Dashboards

Hi everyone,

I’m still in the process of deciding whether to use plotly or not and would like to hear your opinion regarding my project.

I am going to build a web-app that implements a dashboard. This dashboard will contain several charts and visualizations coming from some analysis on a data-set of mine. The analysis will be done in Python on the back end and I intend to give it a certain level of interactivity - not just a static dashboard.

Since I’m already doing the data analysis in Python, I wanted to go with Python for most of the project. The dashboard would be built with Flask: it would consist of an authentication/sign-in layer and specific dashboards for specific sets of users. I then intended to use plotly python API to build those visualizations which would appear on my web-app.

Plotly Dash seemed like a good solution for this but it’s been deprecated.

What do you guys think: does it make sense what I’m trying to accomplish? Can it be done with plotly API or is there something else I should use?