Hello All,

I have been working quite a bit on something that I think will benefit us all.

I call it the Dashboard-Helper:

With it, you can explore your own uploaded datasets and build charts to further utilize Plotly’s really cool graphing options. Or, explore Plotly’s example datasets or realtime stock data powered by Yfinance.

With this, you also have to ability to create your custom dashboard from your data set, being able to move, resize, edit the chart, and delete graphs if you want.

Once you get a layout that you like, you can export the layout into a json file that can be imported into your own project and being parsed out by the helper’s function of makeDCC_Graph. There is also an example usage file which shows you exactly how you’d go about doing that.

A pretty cool thing is that all the chart’s have pattern-matching built-in for their ids to be able to use for what ever purposes you need.

Please enjoy, and let me know your feedback.


Nice work @jinnyzor!

I really like the Dashboard designer. It’s so easy to create some charts, position without creating a grid of html.Div or dbc.Row/Col and create a Dashboard.

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Please note, on windows, you may need to do this for uploading xlsx files:

pip install openpyxl

Incredible impressive! Looking forward to taking it for a spin soon :slight_smile:

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Another update, I converted this github into a template so that you can create repositories directly from it. :slight_smile:

Very impressive work! I will definitely experiment with this.

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this gonna be really helpful for my uni project! thank you for this amazing work, will give it a try!