Dashboard to visualize to CSV files in Plotly Dash

Hey Community!!!

I hope you are doing great!

I am extremely happy to announce that I successfully delivered a dashboard to visualize CSV files with the help of Plotly and Dash Libraries (along with other additional too)…!!!

The app was designed and developed completely by me and deployed to our university server. The app was successfully presented to the audience as well as stakeholders, which everyone appreciated !! The data consists of utilities disconnections and policies for all the states in the US starting from 2013 to 2022.

It took 6 months for me to build the whole app, as I was a newbie to Plotly and Dash, but with the help of Docs provided here, this community, YouTube tutorials, and Stack Overflow, I was able to make it from scratch, I am grateful to all!

Here’s the link to the app: https://http-149-165-173-211-80.proxy-js2-iu.exosphere.app/

You can provide me feedback here! If you need any help or want to implement a feature similar to our app, reach out to me at hsjoshi28@gmail.com

With that being said, I am also open to full-time opportunities in the US in the field of Computer Science and I would appreciate if you have some leads. I am proficient in Python, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Additionally, I possess familiarity with popular tools including Jenkins, Git, JIRA, and more. Shoot out an email to discuss more.

Thanks, and Cheers,

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HI @hsjoshi your app is looking good!

A few things stood out while playing around:

  • dark/ light mode.
    • If I’m not mistaken, you used dash-bootstrap-components, right? If so, you could include dbc to the className of the Dropdowns. They would adapt according to the dark/light mode too.
    • The home icon couls have a transparent background so it does not stand out when changing to dark mode
    • You could try changing the plot background to a dark color when in dark mode



Beautiful app, @hsjoshi . Congratulations :tada:

Given that you’re looking for opportunities, I recommend you join the openToWork group. That way, you’ll get notified of new job postings that require Dash skills.

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I used dbc. I will surely make the changes you suggested in the app soon.

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Thank you @adamschroeder , I will surely join the group for the notification. Thanks for it!