My First Dash -- Dasboard

Past few weeks - has seen me doing a deepdive crash-course into Dash/Plotly, Python and Pandas. I am quite new to Plotly Dash (4 weeks in). This morning finished my first dashboard. Code is quite raw etc. But from here I will refactor etc. But I am quite happy with attempt 0. Thanks to tips from Adam…around how to make bootstrap templates responsive for mobile - the dashboard is fully responsive.


Congrats @barnez29 your dahsboard looks sharp!

This looks great! :star_struck: Thanks for sharing !

I love well designed dashboards and attempts for modern features like responsiveness and this one does it all! Fantastic work!

Thanks @martin2097 appreciate the feedback. Getting responsiveness outta the way at the start is half the battle won…lol

Can not agree more! Maybe if you like to create this nicely styled dashboards check out Dash Mantine Components. You can get responsiveness, dark mode or stuff like notifications very cheap!

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hi @barnez29
Sorry for the late reply. I just got back from vacation. Congratulations on completing this app. Looks great. I second @martin2097 's suggestion to use Dash Mantine Components. It makes styling even easier.

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This dashboard looks amazing! There’s something just so nice about a clean and non-cluttered dashboard, nice job!

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Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement and motivation. @adamschroeder @martin2097 will definitely check out Dash Mantine Components…