Dash Job - Styling / re-skinning help needed for existing multipage Dash app

Hi there,

I am a US Olympian and former professional swimmer, and with limited python skills I built Open Water Insights, a data insights application for professional open water swimmers, coaches, and fans. In its current state, it is not as useful as it could be because it is not responsive and looks terrible on mobile (85% of visitors are using mobile). With the Paris Olympic Games upcoming, I would like to make this more accessible to the community, but I need help doing this.

I’m looking for someone that can spend a few hours to make this look good. The main libraries I am using are Dash, Plotly, and Dash Bootstrap Components. Links below to my app and github repo.

App landing page: https://www.openwaterinsights.com/
GitHub: GitHub - alexmmeyer/OW_PageRankings


Hi Chimango,

Thanks for the reply! Could you share some past work you’ve done that’s similar to this? And are you open to charging a price per milestone completed? I would pay you 50% up front to start the work, and 50% on completion of each milestone. Happy to discuss over a google meet any time.


Hi Alex, I’ve sent you a private message, please have a look at thanks.

Hy, I am Waliyudin and I can makeover your dash app . You can visit my project , dash app that visually appealing and responsive design.



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