Deadline this Weekend: Google Analytics Setup with Multipage Dash App

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I am looking for someone experienced with implementing Google Analytics within Python Dash apps to help me set up some basic reports before Monday 5/7 for my Open Water Insights app ( It’s a multipage app and I would like to know which pages users are visiting, and if possible what data they are interacting with. I am willing to pay hourly. Thank you!



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Hi @makomeyer ,
Among other things, you have to put a gtag.js in your asset folder:; you also need a google account, from which you generate the js file, if I remember correctly. I did it back in 2019 for my own app; as far as I remember you can quickly find the how-to via google. If will check tonight if I find the relevant pages that I bookmarked a few years ago and come back to you.
Also, regarding making your app mobile friendly, think of the margins along the side. I strongly suggest you to let a few mm for the fingers to move up/down without triggering any chart interactivity because a finger would have touched the chart’s paper area.

Hello @makomeyer and welcome to the forum!

As was said, firstly you need to register on google analytics and generate your gtag.js and then just add code from this post: Adding google analytics tracking code to dash app - #6 by takaakifuruse
replacing the gtag part with your own.

When everything is set up you can see the visited pages in Reports section → Engagement → Pages and Screens. From my experience it updates once a day at midgnight US time.

When it comes to tracking individual interactions, I don’t have any experience with that. But maybe somebody does and I will be also happy to learn how to do it :slight_smile:

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