Html page or dashboard? (easy question)

Hey, plotly community.
sorry for this noob question.
I have two questions.

  1. see the first chart of this page:
    which is interactive. for adding a chart/graph like that to my webpage do I need to export the plot as a HTML?
    if I want to have multiple of these graphs I need to do the same and export each one of them as HTML and then put them together into my HTML code along the text and other things? (short: exporting just the graphs and put them into a webpage )

  2. if I want to make a simple page report with 3.4 graphs and some text, creating a dashboard with dash is better in your opinion or exporting these graphs with HTML and put them into a HTML webpage?

example of what I’m trying to do are like these pages:

a simple one-page report with few interactive graphs(without sharing the data source) and text.


Welcome @sarsar
I would say doing it with dash is better. It will take longer to create the code, but once you learn Dash, it opens so many more doors.
Maybe someone else that knows how to export via HTML could give up their opinion…

Good luck,

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Hey, thank for your time to answering my question.
example of what I’m trying to do are like these pages:

a simple on page report with few interactive graphs and text.
you would still say dash is better in your opinion?


Ok. I see. They are not interactive in a sense that you need Dash Components like a Dropdown or checkbox.

Therefore, you can probably build these graphs (nicer ones) using Plotly and then export HTML, but I’m not an expert on HTML. I would wait to see if someone can give you more insight on that part.

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I understand. yeah, I will wait for other people ideas as well.
thanks Adam!

@sarsar is this HTML link helpful? I just saw it on another thread…

@adamschroeder the page is a little bit confusing but I’m trying that to see if I can get an answer or not.
but I think there should be a more clear review and documentation for thing things because as I see there are so many topics with this question.