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Edit in Chart Studio -> "upload a dataset directly to Chart Studio this is no longer possible."

Hi Plotly Dash-ers,

Fairly recently (in the last couple of weeks?) it seems that it’s no-longer possible to click on the “Edit in Chart Studio” button of a dcc.Graph and then see the data behind the graph available in a spreadsheet-like format within Chart Studio. Instead, we are redirected to:

(Which incidentally seems to be partially broken, displaying the error “’s server IP address could not be found” where some kind of example dashboard should be.)

This ability to view the raw data in Chart Studio was an extremely useful way of accessing the data behind a graph, and was a feature we frequently used. It seems to have been removed with little or no warning that I’m aware of. Is there a replacement mechanism for accessing the raw data? Such as a ‘download as csv’ feature, or some such? Or is the advice to still follow what was done in this old thread:

The dashboard we’re using was implemented a couple of years back, and is using dash v0.38.0… so we’re a bit behind on the times, and I’ve not been doing a good job of keeping up with all the (many!) changes going on with the library. I attempted to move to v1.9.1 to see if that fixed the issue Chart Studio issue, but it did not (it did however introduce many breakages, such as callbacks getting fired twice that were previously only fired once :frowning:… which might be the subject of another topic shortly)


(cc @nicolaskruchten)

Hi @robfraz! I’m sorry for the breakage here… I’ve outlined a workaround in this post: "Edit chart" button no longer opening figure in chart studio

Hi @nicolaskruchten - that’s great news. Many thanks for the response! I’ll give it a whirl today and get back to you.

Yup, that fixed things. Turned out to be just a one-line change for the entire dashboard, as fortunately I’d been sensible enough 2 years ago to have a common chart config dictionary used by all charts in the dashboard :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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