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"Edit chart" button no longer opening figure in chart studio

I noticed that the “Edit chart” button no longer redirect to chart studio. Is this an intentional update?

If so, what was the reason for this? I found it to be a really helpful feature for debugging.

Yikes, I think we missed something in our recent redirect handling. It was not intentional. @nicolaskruchten might know more.

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Confirmed: this was an oversight and we should have a fix in place tomorrow, with apologies.

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@nicolaskruchten, is there any update on the fix? Edit chart button keeps redirecting me to:

Hi @mbkupfer,

Yes, we’ve investigated and it looks like there’s not much we can do to keep the old behaviour going without a small modification to your code, unfortunately. You’ll have to set the plotlyServerURL key in your config prop to "", in addition to the the showLink key being set to True, like this:

dcc.Graph(figure=fig, config=dict(showLink=True, plotlyServerURL=""))

No worries, it’s a simple patch. Works like a charm!

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I am trying to use the plotly R library. and even with setting the config:

plotlygraph <- plotly::config(plotplot, plotlyServerURL = '', showLink=T)

it still goes that page
plotly .com/chart-studio-help/getting-data/

Is there a solution for R?