Export to plot.ly not working anymore

Hello everyone,

I started to use plotly a while ago for its accessibility and its ease of use and i really enjoyed it so far. My workflow consisted of doing some tweaking for my plots hard coding them on Jupyter notebook (i’m using python) and then using the previously available export to plot.ly which would take me to the chart studios page so i could refine my choice with a GUI.

Now today i tried to click on the link and it’s not working anymore, it links me to a page which basically tells me to check out dash, which is a whole new world, uses HTML and I have zero idea how it works.

My question is, is there a way to go back to the old way of doing things that is not saving every dataset that i have in a csv and opening into chart editor? Did they remove the whole good and intuitive feature that they had?

Also how am I supposed to save plots with a high definition if I can’t use chart editor for it? And am I supposed to just load the data set into a blank chart editor and manually set every option when I have most of the plot already done on my Jupyter notebook? Please tell me that I misunderstood something…

Anyone reading this?

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