Plotly.js export not working

I’m using and charts show up perfectly. However, when I click the camera to save an image, nothing happens. Is this feature supposed to be working?


What browser are you using?

I’ve tried on Chrome and IE. As an aside, when I click “save and edit in the cloud” and then click on the camera icon from there- it works. It just does not directly work from the plot.

Can you paste the data and layout you use to make your graph?

Will do after work- its sort of tricky since the data is coming from a system i wrote that communicates with the web browser through a websocket. I’ll have to make a toy example.

Also not working for me (was just about to post when I found this). I’m using Safari 9.0.1 and FF 42.0 on OS10.11.1 and FF 42.0 on Windows 7. Even plots on don’t work - eg Maybe it’s just me for some reason?

@parsonsk @derek should fix your issues.

plotly.js v1.2.1 will be out today.

@etienne Thanks. I checked v1.2.1 and now PNG download in FF42.0 is working (thanks!), but it still fails in Safari 9.0.1 unfortunately.

By using plotly I have created the chart and implemented the download functionality(Download plot as png). I can able to download in chrome browser but not in IE11. Please refer the screen shot.

Please suggest some solution.

Thanks & Regards
Jacob Robinson


I´m using plot with Chrome and i can´t download plot as a png, and i don´t know what´s the problem ?

Any idea ?


Jorge Alonso.

Can you provide a little more information?

  • Can you share a reproducible example of the graph you’re trying to export?
  • What Chrome version are you using?


I´m using Google Chrome Versión 54.0.2840.71

but i don´t know what more information you need.

Thanks again.

Hi again,
The problem was the version. We were working on version 12 instead 19.

Sorry and thank u.
Jorge Alonso.