Chart Studio Button: Perhaps Something Different?


First off, I would like to say I sincerely appreciate your hard work in Plotly and Dash tools. Seriously, this is amazing stuff, and I’m really excited to apply it at work.

I do have one minor suggestion though, and it is to the Chart Studio link on the plotly graphs. (If this would be more appropriate somewhere else forgive me!)

The button itself works fine! And I have no issues with it being there, especially since with a little bit of Python I can make it go away in my Dash apps. My issue is the fact that it is a floppy disk icon. I have always interpreted a floppy disk icon to mean “Save”. Here, the floppy disk really means “sent my plot and data to the Plotly servers so that I can better edit the graph”. I can easily see a user, while interacting with a plot of sensitive/proprietary data (where you might get in trouble for sending it to the cloud), needing to save a plot and clicking that button without thinking about it. The hover text helps, but it’s easily overlooked.

Is this a “gotchya” that other people have encountered? And if so, would it be difficult to change the icon to something else?

Thank you!

This would be a good suggestion for our v2 release (feel free to comment on

In the meantime, we can’t just change our default look. Some people might have written docs about that mention that disk icon.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add custom modebar buttons by following these instructions.