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Remove "Save and edit plot in cloud" button

Is there some way to get rid of that “Save and edit plot in cloud” button when using Dash? I know that one can do it using JS like:

  modeBarButtonsToRemove: ['sendDataToCloud']

but I can’t figure out how to implement that in Dash.

Any recommendations? Basically all data I work on is sensitive and I can’t have myself or dashboard users mistakenly clicking that button. It would create a huge IT security problem.

Try something like this:

dcc.Graph(id='my-graph', figure=data, config={'editable': True, 'modeBarButtonsToRemove': ['sendDataToCloud']})


That doesn’t work:

Exception: Unexpected keyword argument `config`
Allowed arguments: id, clickData, hoverData, clear_on_unhover, selectedData, relayoutData, figure, style, animate, animation_options

I’ll keep digging though, maybe I can find how to set the config on the dcc.Graph object. Or maybe it needs to be a more global config setting somewhere?

What version of Dash are you on? config was added a few weeks back and works for me. See if it’s out of date. pip list -o


That was it - dash-core-components was 0.7.0. Updated it to 0.12.4 and your snippet works. Thanks for the help!


I am trying to figure out a similiar issue myself. Is it possible to change the configuration on a lower Level (i.e. directly in the package) so that you don’t have to add this configuration to every chart you include in the Dashboard?

Have you figured out a robust solution to this issue?