Linking Chart Studio to Dash

This is probably a very simple question and answer, but I was wondering if there was any way to easily link charts I created in Plotly’s ChartStudio to Dash. I know you can see the python coding for a created chart in chart studio but simply copying and pasting that python code into Dash has not worked for me due to the differences in syntax. Is there a simple way to efficiently call on these charts in Dash or will I have to recode the charts in the Dash format itself?

Right now, copying and pasting is the best way to do it. Note that the structure is going to be 1-1 but there will be a slight difference is between JSON and Python, namely:

  • true in JSON is True in Python
  • Keys in Python need to have strings: {marker: {color: 'blue'}} becomes {'marker': {'color': 'blue'}}