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is there a way to share a dash app with interactive functionality? I am trying to avoid docker and other ‘extreme’ means. I know we can’t just export it via html, but is there any potentiality to develop a sharing mechanism that can be created using a few simple commands? I can’t have the data published anywhere and it would be cool for executives to see it. Seaborn and matplotlib have been my go to since I can type one command and get an html file, but those packages don’t have the cool, interactive functionality dash does. However, I can share them easily. Please let me know your thoughts. This is probably not do-able as Dash needs Python to function properly. Maybe I am wrong.


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You can host your app locally within your IT infrastructure or you can deploy to AWS, Heroku - both of which are easy.

I would recommend deploying on heroku for your usecase, see

Hi Emmanuelle,

If my dash app requires access to a database on my PC. Is it still possible to share it publicly? If it is possible, is there anything I need to be careful with.

Many thanks.


Thank you both for replying! I have successfully used Heroku before, but the data cannot be uploaded to a cloud site. I might have to host it locally, which is what I wanted to avoid as that would involve other people.

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@avnj and @Felton, easy local deployment of dashboard apps is something that I’ve been experimenting with in a similar situation (actually Jupyter notebooks as dashboards, but Dash would be the same principle). Would you be able to talk me through your projects to see if I can help? Ideally we’d just do this over Skype or similar - please email and I’d be very pleased to arrange to speak.