How to make Dashboard created from JupyterLab Live (User Friendly)

Hi team, I went through one of your YouTube video i.e “Build a Complete Social Media Analysis Dashboard” & I am completely impressed by it & also “Plotly”.
Basically I am working on a Forecasting project in which I want to do the similar Live monitoring of the data. I went through your Linkedin Analysis video available on YouTube & decided to implement similar kind of dashboard in my project but I want to ask you that, how I can make output visible to everyone on their respective PC/Laptop (User friendly). As everyone can’t install Python & run that code to check Dashboard.

SInce I’m a Electrical Engg & have less knowledge in IT industry, hence apologies in advance if I asked a silly question.

Requesting you to guide me with best possible solution.

Thanks in advance.

HI @Harshad welcome to the forums.

I guess you want to share the dash application with your colleagues internally?