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Guidance on the best way to deploy a plotly dashboard to a production environment


I recently completed my first plotly/dash dashboard. I’ve very happy. :partying_face:

I would now like to deploy it in a production environment. Unfortunately that will also be a first for me. The IT team at work have no experience with this specific kind of web application or with Python generally, although they do have other web app experience. After some discussion it was agreed that it was probably wise to ask guidance before diving in.

I found this excellent thread on the forum when searching. It seems like good clear guidance.

My question is, is this still the best way to approach this project? I note that the thread is a little old now and I’m conscious that things change quickly.

By way of background, our work environment is windows based. Our DB is on MS Sequel Server. Our work environment is currently made up of:

  • ERP & DB;
  • email,
  • company internet site,
  • company intranet site;
  • a number of minor applications that our ERP doesn’t accommodate: payroll system, QMS documentation etc.

We don’t have first world infrastructure by any stretch of the imagination, but i think this should be achievable. If anyone can offer any suggestion to guide me I’d really appreciate any and all suggestions.

I have positive experince deploying Dash apps using gunicorn in Docker. It was simple, stable and performed as expected. The servers were Linux based though.

Thank you, I’ll do some research!

You can see a MWE of my setup here,

Please also see 📔 Dash Enterprise Fieldnotes #2 - App Manager if your IT team can plan budget to procure Dash Enterprise next year. This is our recommended way to deploy Dash apps.

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Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jack, yes i’ll definitely do that. Thanks for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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