Add Dash App to plotly profile

Hi everyone,
I managed to create a dash app, using the tutorial on the website.
I can see it here:
Now I wonder if it’s possible to run that on plotly, so I can show it to anyone else like other plotly charts.
I thought I could just upload the file on my profile. But that only works with Datasets and Jupyter Notebooks.
There are obivously Dashboards available via the plotly search (for example like this
How can I do that?

The dashboards on as not dash apps, they are made in the ui and I think you need a subscription.

To share your dash app you need to deploy it:

If you just want to share quickly, you can run the app locally and set host to, then the application will be available to other computers by navigating to the ip address. (you need to open the port in the firewall settings, on windows a pop up will asks when you first run the app)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app.run_server(port=8050, host='')

Then if your ip is, others will be able to see your app on

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Thank you for your answer. That helps me a lot. I expected these dashboards to be dash apps, and that seemed to me like the easiest way to deploy a dash app.
So now I have to choose if I want to deploy it via heroku or if I can adjust it so it works with simple plotly graph that I can upload to