Options to deploy Dash/Plotly for Clients

I am really getting to love Dash Plotly. I have offered to build some simple dashboards for two friends who own two different companies. I have deployed a test Dash app for myself, but now I am trying to figure the best way to do this for my friends.

I see two choices. (Or are there any others?):

  1. Host the apps on each of their current web hosts, which can host Flask apps.
  2. Host both apps on a different web host that I maintain for them, i.e. PaaS solution.

As I see it, option 1 offers better security but more maintenance issues. That is, they already have secure routines in place to access their SQL data, but I envision more time spend accessing and developing Dash apps on their server.

Option 2 would be easier for me to maintain, as I would be the “web master” and have full access to the Dash development environment, but I am unsure as to accessing their data securely. Technically, I know how to access their data.

What is everyone’s thoughts on either of these options? Is PaaS a better option for my control, and if so is it a secure option?

Thanks for any input.


I see two choices. (Or are there any others?):

It may or may not be the answer you’re looking for, but there is an option 3 :wink: — at Plotly, we provide our own PaaS which includes Dash app deployment with “Dash Enterprise App Manger”. Especially for companies that are hosting or re-selling Dash apps, it’s worth considering.

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I am thinking about that also, but cost is a factor. My friends would like to see results from simple dashboards, i.e. deployed dashboards helping their companies increase profits. Then they say they will consider a bigger solution.

So my challenge is how to deploy simple apps.

Thanks for the post.