Offline Dash app for non programmers (plug and play)

Is it possible to export a Dash app in a way that non-programmers can use the dashboard with minimal installations and without requiring any programming skills? Can the app be packaged as a “plug-and-play” solution, where users can execute a file, possibly with some dependencies, and freely use the dashboard without needing to install or know any programming tools?

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The Dash app itself, I feel, once hosted is a pretty easy to operate web interface. Especially if you’ve designed it where the UX/UI make sense.

That being said, I do have a Dashboard-Helper that can provide some customization for exploring the data and creating charts, this can in turn be used as a layout for other applications. Or, it can be used as a template for an application. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. But my problem it´s not so mucho about designing the app, I am not an expert but I think I can manage, but about being able of sharing it to people who are not interested in getting into python and programing but would be glad to running the dashboard easily and without having to upload it to an online server and run it there. Sorry if I am not making myself clearly…

I understand; you dont need to host the server at an online location, but you can run it on a local network. By default, when the web app is ran, it is hosted on the local person’s computer. No need for hosting it on an online web platform.

I’m assuming you have some idea as to what level of interaction from the end user that you want to have available? Are you thinking something along the lines of wix?

My dashboard-helper does allow people to upload datasets and create a dynamic amount of charts and layout without having to code it. Then they can save the layout in the browser for any time that they load it. This is a template, so you can use it as a jumping point to create the amount of flexibility that you want people to design it.

You can also potentially create the end product as an ‘.exe’ too.