Does Dash Product Can Work on a system without internet?

Hi every body,

I’m new in Dash so maybe my question become so simple. I want to start learning Dash but before that I want to find the answer of two following questions:

1- If I create a Dash app (and the created Dash app does not need to get data from internet) does the created app can work on a system (computer) without having connection to the internet?

2- Does the final product is independent from its initial python code? As I understood the final product is a html file and I want to know that to run this html file again and again is there need to the initial python file or it can run independently?

That would be great if someone guide me. Thanks in advance!

  1. It is possible to run the app without internet, but you’ll need to bundle any resources with the app

  2. You’ll need to run a Dash server locally to enable interactivity via callbacks, i.e., you can’t just use a html file


Hey @Bijan,

maybe adding to @Emil’s answer

  1. The python code is usually run once to start the server (in your case it would have to be your computer) which serves the app. As long as the server is running, you can access your app ( which I think you a referring to as html file) via your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…).
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Hey @AIMPED and @Emil

Thanks for your answers.

So according to your descriptions to handle all requirements that you said I think:

To create and run the server and also to have all resources, I can compile my python using something like Pyinstaller and create an exe file (That all dependencies are available inside). So, by this way the app will be run the server and create the app html page and run it without any need to python source code (the source will be safe and hidden) and there is no need to internet.

Am I thinking, correct? let me know your idea. (Thanks again for your contribution)

So you want to do something like this?

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Would you tell me that is it possible to publish my created dash webapp into my own website or No and I have to publish it using some websites like Heroku and then put these links on my website?

Also would you tell me if it is possible to put the created dash webapp on my own website, Does the calculations of the code performs on client system or on the server of the website?