What are ways to share a Plotly graph?


Never used Plotly before but interactive graphs would be nice. However, it’s only nice if it’s shareable…

  • Would it be interactive in Jupyter Notebook? If so, if I save a Jupyter Notebook as HTML, would anyone who opens that HTML be able to see an itneractive graph?
  • What are ways to share graphs internally? Is there a way to build an itnernal webhosting thing?

Ideally, my boss could just have a link bookmarked, and everyday, he can check the graph whenever as the data gets updated. I have no webprogramming experience and don’t plan on learning that - so something pre-build would be nice - like jupyter notebooks or something.
If that doesn’t work, what other ways to share?

Hello @somecut8 welcome to the forums.

I just saved a jupyter notebook as html and the plotly graphs stay interactive.

As far as I know, Dash was built exactly for this.

Dash does not really require html knowlwdge, just general python knowledge.

If you don’t want to code yourself, you might use the tag job-posting here in the forum.