Using plotly interactive images in website

Hello smart plotly users!

I’m having trouble getting my website to display interactive plotly graphs. I’m able to create interactive plotly graphs with python in my jupyter notebook. But when I save these graphs as SVGs and add them to my index.html and open it with live server the graphs are not interactive on my website. How can I make them interactive??

I also tried to save them as html files. But when I add those to my html they don’t display at all on my website. What can I do? Would I have to purchase plotly dash or something? I just want to be able to share this with a friend who can interact with the graph. Thanks for any insights!!!


If you want them to be interactive you must save in HTML format. Once you have my_plot.html file what you have to do is incorporate it within an iframe like this:

<iframe src="path/to/my_plot.html" style="width: 888px; height: 555px;"></iframe>

Now you should see a beautiful interactive plot.

Thank you! I actually got it to work when I signed up for plotly chart studio! Then I saved all my graphs in there and can embed them. Much appreciated