Retrieving a Secret Link / Share Key with Node

I am creating several private charts using NodeJS and I would like to automatically embed them in a website straight after creating them (without making the charts public in Potly). I see here that in the Python API it is possible to retrieve a secret link with a share_key for your Plotly charts but I canโ€™t find this functionality in the same section of the NodeJS documentation here.
Is there a way to get secret share_keys for Plotly charts using the NodeJS API or are there any other ways to embed charts using the NodeJS API without making them public or having to manually create a private link?

Many thanks for your help!

Not at the moment unfortunately.

You can generate a private plot using:

var graphOptions = {
  "world_readable": true

Plotly.plot(data, graphOptions, function (err, resp) {
  /* ... */

but the share key functionality hasnโ€™t been implement in the node-api yet.