Secret links to the charts is not reliable

If you prepare a chart secretly, it does not create a secret file reliably. Sometimes, it creates a private file and sometimes it creates a secret file.
Obviously, when a private file is created, even if the url looks secret it does not open in the incognito window.

Anyone else had this issue?

Yes, I get this issue as well. I set sharing='secret' in both as well as when I create the plot with plotly.plotly.plot(). Like you said, it creates a โ€œsecret linkโ€, but if youโ€™re not logged into plotly, itโ€™s a 404 when you try to view the plot. Iโ€™m hoping someone can address this.

Hi there,
Weโ€™ve addressed this issue in the latest version of our python API: 2.0.14.
Please let us know if you still experience any problems after upgrading.

Thank you Chelsea. Iโ€™ll try it.


Thank you. Iโ€™ll check it out now.

In case anyone is still having problems with this, I used this temporary fix to solve the problem.