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Secret links to the charts is not reliable

If you prepare a chart secretly, it does not create a secret file reliably. Sometimes, it creates a private file and sometimes it creates a secret file.
Obviously, when a private file is created, even if the url looks secret it does not open in the incognito window.

Anyone else had this issue?

Yes, I get this issue as well. I set sharing='secret' in both as well as when I create the plot with plotly.plotly.plot(). Like you said, it creates a “secret link”, but if you’re not logged into plotly, it’s a 404 when you try to view the plot. I’m hoping someone can address this.

Hi there,
We’ve addressed this issue in the latest version of our python API: 2.0.14.
Please let us know if you still experience any problems after upgrading.

Thank you Chelsea. I’ll try it.


Thank you. I’ll check it out now.

In case anyone is still having problems with this, I used this temporary fix to solve the problem.