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'public' vs 'secret' embed speed (2 vs 10+ seconds) in Python

Hey everyone, is anyone out there using sharing='secret'in their (Python) py.plot(fig, **) API calls? I’ve noticed a huge runtime difference between that and a normal plot, namely about 2 seconds for sharing='public' and maybe 10 seconds or more for 'secret'. I can understand it taking a bit longer, but without knowing what happens in the backend, does it really take an extra 8+ seconds to generate a hash key and segregate a plot from my existing files? Any help or insight is appreciated, thanks!

Hey @andrewc4
Thanks for bringing this up. The main reason it takes longer is because 2 requests are being made. The first one is to make the plot, and the second one is to make that plot private. Here’s where this happens in the code: