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Plotly basic line graph latency in seconds for only a six datapoints in the graph

I created a line chart using plotly API, and my graph had only 6 x,y coordinates. The latency for using the plot API, is extremely high, in order of seconds. I’ve seen it to be as high as 15 seconds.
This effects responsive for my application. Note I’m creating secret graphs.

Two questions:

  1. Is there something special API users need to do help speed the graph creation? Unlikely, but I’m still trying.
  2. Is there a paid tier or hosting on-prem plotly would speed things up?
  3. Is it because I use secret charts and the plotly need to do quite a bit of computation on their side to make it happen?

Also Note, my application runs in AWS, however, in this case, I ain’t worried about the network latency as there are only six data points in the question and still it took 15 seconds for plotly to return.

Hi there,
All cloud plans run on the same servers. We do offer an onprem solution where you would have your own, private server. You can find more information about this solution here: https://plot.ly/products/on-premise/

Is there a trial version of the on-prem solution we can try out to see if the performance is any better than the cloud plan?
That would help me justify the cost.