Dash Web app for free on Heroku/pythonanywhere? Or what are minimum costs?

Hi! It seems clear tome from plot.ly website that public access is not supported with the opensource option. On the other hand, sources from this forum and others mention it is possible to deploy for free on Heroku Deploy Dash app interprise for free and pythonanywhere The Easiest Way to Deploy Your Dash App for Free | by Elsa Scola | Towards Data Science.
I would very much appreciate if sommeone could clarify:

  • whether free Dash public apps on Heroku are supported
  • if so then what are the limitations flagged in the discussion
    Thank you

Some providers have free options. One of the more popular is Heroku, as you mention yourself. Heroku has a free plan that makes it possible to deploy your app without paying a dime. One of the commonly quoted drawbacks of the free plan is that your app is “turned off” when it has not been active for some time. The next user trying to access the app will have to wait until it is turned on again (a delay of ~ 10s). Other limitations include limited process power, storage space etc., you can find the details on on their pricing page.

Thanks for that. I understand that what you are describing is separate to what you need to pay for Dash if you want to deploy it on Heroku?
I find the following 2 points confusing: 1) The Dash pricing website https://plotly.com/dash/ says public publishing is not available for opensource. 2) Deploy Dash app interprise for free.
So will publishing an opensource app at Heroku be possible and entirely free or do I need to pay for a non-opensource Dash pricing plan and then publish for free on Heroku? I’d very much appreciate clarifying this.

No, you can do it all completely free.

Thanks a lot for confirming, Emil