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Deploy Dash app interprise for free


Is there a way to deploy a Dash App in the plotly’s interprise cloud for free? I know that, for example, Shiny has the in R that has a free plan that you can host up to 5 applications with some limited hours of use. Is it possible with Dash?


On heroku your can deploy your app for free

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We don’t offer a service for hosting public apps on, our commercial offering is focused on running applications on your own servers or on a server provider like AWS or Google Cloud (See for more information).

For public apps with a limited free plan, I recommend using Heroku. We have an example here:


Thanks for the feedback, guys!

However, I tried to make the deploy by using the Heroku example yesterday, but got stuck in the creation of the .gitignore and Procfile because they don’t have an specific extension. How can I do this?


You can use Notepad++ as a text editor, it allows you to save files without extensions :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback! I actually followed this tutorial:

And then I had not many problems and managed to make the deploy. I realized that ‘pip freeze’ was creating a file (requirementes.txt) that had modules which cause problem building the app and, moreover, I didn’t need to create a virtual machine and create a .gitignore file.