Deploying Dash to Heroku - I've built a starter-pack on Github

Hi Everyone

For anyone that wants to deploy to Heroku, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a nice little starter pack on Github. This is a barebones Dash app with specific support for hosting static files such as images (a common pain point). It comes fully tested on Heroku with a useful readme with step by step guide, and it’s setup with Dash2.0 and a few useful modules like numpy, matplotlib, pandas etc.

Heroku can be a bit daunting for first timers as there are special files you need to add. For newbies, you can use this as a base to get you started, and then copy paste your running Dash app code across :slight_smile:


A wonderful guide. Thank you for writing this up, @dan_baker and for sharing with the community. :raised_hands:

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