Heroku Alternatives?


Is there any heroku alternative to deploy dash apps in a free way ?. As we know Heroku free tiers will be deleted soon. As beginners we knew this famous tutorial Deploy your Dash App | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly. It could be replaced by another option?


https://www.netlify.com/ could be an alternative. havent deployed a dash app yet, but worth a look.
Same for https://www.pythonanywhere.com/


thanks stevie. I tried python anywhere but it seems too limited to free tiers i’ll check netlify.

Hi @steviesblog
If you are able to deploy your Dash app to netlify, can you please share your experience here?

We are currently exploring a few options.


Hi Adam,

haven’t tried it yet, but with heroku deleting its free tiers its something i wanna try out.

Best Regards

netlify is for static sites only. Try https://render.com. https://www.dash-mantine-components.com is hosted on render.
Here are the instructions for hosting a flask app: Deploy a Flask App | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers.
You’d need to add server = app.server in your entry module for your dash app.


thanks! @snehilvj it works for me! , instead of gunicorn app:app should be gunicorn app:server the rest is the same tutorial.

pd: https://www.dash-mantine-components.com is very useful!